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$page = preg_replace('/[^-a-zA-Z0-9_]/', '', $_GET['page']); Is probably the quickest way to sanitize this, this will take anything and make sure that it only contains letters, numbers, underscores or dashes Never Use $_GET Again, Proper escaping of input is a perennial problem with web development in general, In fact, you probably shouldn't use $_GET and $_POST anymore. security issues in PHP applications stemming from unescaped GET and POST parameters? In this mode the filtering system returns the sanitized data. When using $_GET, please consider the security implications of this, as an attacker can post whatever they want, which gets included into your code, unless you are careful and. You need to just search out where this query argument is collected. Most likely it's done using $_GET['sort']. Whatever that is, it should be: $some_var = sanitize_text_field( $_GET['sort'] ); Or even better: $some_var = ( isset( $_GET['sort'] ) ) ? sanitize_text_field( $_GET['sort'] ) : 'some default value' I'm trying to clean some incoming $_GET parameters. I've not done this before, so I'd love feedback. I'm especially concerned with the array. While all the other parameters control simple logic, the array will be saved into the database and potentially output to users. Please also feel free to point out any redundancies. <?php // int: only want a positive value // array: wont know what this.

Even if you send a safe query by GET, someone can change the query on the address bar or using tamper data. You have to sanitize on index.php (or wherever you process the data). If you are using MySQL, you have to sanitize this way: $field = mysql_real_scape($_GET['field']) The developers of core PHP have done a wonderful job at foreseeing these situations and provided us with two functions. The first one is filter_var() the second is filter_input(). These two functions sanitize the inputs by using an assortment of flags. An example very easy to understand is when you need to sanitize an emai For example, if you want to use filter_var() to sanitize $string with FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING and pass in FILTER_FLAG_STRIP_HIGH and FILTER_FLAG_STRIP_LOW, just call it like this: $string = filter_var($string, FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING, FILTER_FLAG_STRIP_HIGH | FILTER_FLAG_STRIP_LOW) So in the case of the question you can use this to get an email value from the URL get parameters: $email = filter_input( INPUT_GET, 'email', FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL ); For other types of variables, you would want to choose a different/appropriate filter such as FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING

php - Sanitize $_GET parameters to avoid XSS and other

  1. <?php echo filter_input(INPUT_GET, 'link', FILTER_SANITIZE_URL); Last but not least, you can use the null coalescing operator (available since PHP/7.0 ) to handle missing parameters: echo $_GET['link'] ?
  2. If the type of each of your input variables is a string and you want to sanitize them all at once, you can use: // prevent XSS $_GET = filter_input_array(INPUT_GET, FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING); $_POST = filter_input_array(INPUT_POST, FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING); This will sanitize your $_GET and $_POST arrays. Seen here: PHP -Sanitize values of a arra
  3. In HTTP there are two ways to send parameters to the server. Using a GET method the parameters are in the URL after a ? character. Using the POST the parameters are sent in the body of the request. Accordingly PHP has two separate ways to access these parameters. Via the $_GET and $_POST variables. GET
  4. I don't think cleaning $_GET, $_POST when you first get them is a great idea. You need to know where they are being used. If they are used in SQL statements, you should use prepared statements or bound parameters. They are methods for this in PDO. If you wish to print out in your HTML, then using htmlspecialchars would normally do the trick
  5. If we want to retrieve the values of those two parameters, we can simply access the $_GET superglobal array like so: //Get our two GET parameters. $id = $_GET ['id']; $page = $_GET ['page']; Although the PHP code will work, it does make the assumption that the GET parameters in question will always exist
  6. Thinking about it, I suppose this particular $_GET variable doesn't need any sanitizing. The logic is: $param = $_GET ['param']; if ($param == 'suchnsuch') { // execute a certain predefined query.

<?php // It is important to sanitize // input! Otherwise, a bad actor // could enter '<script src=evilscript.js></script>' // in a URL parameter. Assuming you echo it, this // would inject scripts in an XSS attack. // // The solution: $NAME = $_GET ['NAME']; // Bad: echo $NAME; // that one is vulnerable to XSS // Good: echo htmlspecialchars ($NAME) PHP $_GET is a PHP super global variable which is used to collect form data after submitting an HTML form with method=get. $_GET can also collect data sent in the URL. Assume we have an HTML page that contains a hyperlink with parameters In einem Wordpress-Forum schrieb man mir: Zitat von b3317133: $_REQUEST['var_icfcode'] Bitte unbedingt sanitizen! Diese PHP Snippet Plugin So you get an email address, well unless you don't use HTML5 when you should be using it in conjunction with PHP filter_var, your site will be more secure than someone writing a routine to sanitize an input who doesn't use HTML5 inputs. Writing code for backwards compatibility for non HTML5 compliant browsers is completely pointless and a waste of your resources and time

To do a 301 PHP redirect with parameters to another page we can use the following PHP code. This example redirects to another page carrying across any get variable $_GET (PHP 4 >= 4.1.0, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8) $_GET — HTTP GET variables. Descrierea. An associative array of variables passed to the current script via the URL parameters (aka. query string). Note that the array is not only populated for GET requests, but rather for all requests with a query string. Exemple. Example #1 $_GET example <?php echo 'Hello ' . htmlspecialchars ($_GET [name. Wenn es der Datenbanktreiber unterstützt, kann eine Anwendung auch Parameter für die Ausgabe einführen, ähnlich der Eingabe. Ausgabeparameter werden typischerweise benutzt, um Werte von Stored Procedures abzurufen. Ausgabeparameter sind etwas komplexer in der Verwendung als Eingabeparameter, weil die Entwickler wissen muss, wie groß ein gegebener Parameter sein könnte, wenn sie ihn einführen. Wenn der Wert sich als größer herausstellt als die vorgeschlagene Größe, wird eine. <a href=ziel.php?parameter=wert¶meter2=wert2>Link</a> Auf der Zielseite wird anschließend der Wert zu einem bestimmten Parameter wieder ausgelesen. Das funktioniert mit folgendem Snippet: <?php echo filter_var($_GET[parameter], FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING); ?> <?php echo filter_var($_GET[parameter2], FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING); ?> Code language: PHP (php) In this example, we pass the id from the $_GET array to the filter_var() function and use the filter id FILTER_VALIDATE_INT to validate whether $_GET['id'] is an integer or not. If the result is false, then it shows the message 'Invalid id'. Otherwise, it dumps the value of id. If the id is an integer, for example

Escape and sanitize $_GET parameter

$_GET — HTTP GET değişkenleri Açıklama URL değiştirgeleri (başka bir deyişle, sorgu dizesi) üzerinden geçerli betiğe aktarılan değişkenlerden oluşan bir ilişkisel dizi Add in App method get_params () for example. brandyn.Rogahn43 answered on August 6th 19 at 17:54. Why not do this: ajax calls you have a sample address/search. run the sample controller and call the search method, which either handles the POST (not very well), or passes it to the model which checks the POST data and doing their dirty work with. Here is an example how to work with the options-parameter. Notice the 'options' in the 'options'-Parameter! <?php $options =array('options' =>array('default' => 5, 'min_range' => 0, 'max_range' => 9)); $priority = filter_input (INPUT_GET, 'priority', FILTER_VALIDATE_INT, $options);?> $priority will be 5 if the priority-Parameter isn't set or out the given range Reading query parameters. PHP can read the query parameter values being sent to the linked page. PHP automatically assigns all of these query parameters to the $_GET superglobal. It is called $_GET because links are GET requests. (Forms are POST requests.) $_GET is an associative array and its values can be accessed like any associative array

php - Sanitize get_query_var() url parameters - WordPress

Applying defense in depth, my line of defense is to always sanitize the value arriving from outside the environment before doing anything else with it. Maybe it will be overkill, but it is better to test a little more for more security at the cost of small performance probably negligible anyway, instead of the contrary PHP $_GET, The following script shows how you can retrieve particular parameters using $ GET; we also iterate through the $_GET array and show all parameter values. < html> Description ¶ An associative array of variables passed to the current script via the URL parameters (aka. query string). Note that the array is not only populated for GET requests, but rather for all requests with a query.

You sanitized the $_GET data appropriately (thought I would use sanitize_key instead of sanitize_title-- can't say there's much of a difference, but sanitize_title is intended for use in URLs). The method_exists function will return true for private and protected methods, so if a user tries to call a private or protected method, it'll fail without going to the 404 Sanitize your input, by escaping HTML special characters. In PHP this is done with htmlspecialcharacters.Make sure you do not supply a flag that prevents htmlspecialcharacters from escaping the type of quote you use Code in my_php_file.php is not accepting any $_GET or $_POST parameters. Also, though you say you don't use any GET parameters in my_php_file.php, is it possible that code in my_php_file.php might include another PHP file or might call some other function that produces unsafe output? I suspect you may have an XSS vulnerability that allows injection of a new attribute into the middle of. Preventing SQL Injection attacks in PHP. So, which measures should you take to prevent SQL injection attacks? It's actually quite easy. First, you must sanitize your inputs. Always. No excuses. Don't ever trust incoming data. The optimal and safest way to sanitize inputs when building SQL queries is by using prepared statements

php - Am I sufficiently cleaning incoming $_GET parameters

We do this in PHP's ini file with the following directive: filter.default=special_chars We're not aware of similar default filters in other languages, but if you know of any, let us know in the comments. It's important to note that simply adding this parameter to PHP's ini file does not automatically make your application secure. This. If changes were just submitted ($_GET['settings-updated']) and settings errors were saved to the 'settings_errors' transient then those errors will be returned instead. This is used to pass errors back across pageloads Use Prepared Statements (i.e. using parameters in a template query) that uses bound variables. It is the only way to be guaranteed against SQL injection. PHP sanitize input for MySQL. function to sanitize input to Mysql database, If i understood the definition of get_magic_quotes_qpc() . This is set by the php server to automatically escape characters instead of needing to use addslashes.

Sanitize query string in PHP - Stack Overflo

It happens when the application isn't protecting the database from raw user input—common in so many PHP applications—and a cleverly you're better off not even trying to sanitize your inputs. Prepared statements are more effective at preventing SQL injection than escaping strings. Furthermore, altering your incoming data stream can cause data corruption, especially if you are dealing. Problem#. Cross-site scripting is the unintended execution of remote code by a web client. Any web application might expose itself to XSS if it takes input from a user and outputs it directly on a web page. If input includes HTML or JavaScript, remote code can be executed when this content is rendered by the web client Sanitize get_query_var() url parameters; Ask Question. Programming Tags. All. plugins . javascript . wp-enqueue-script . php . plugin-development . custom-post-types . woocommerce . subscription . mysql . dbdelta . ajax . widgets . advanced-custom-fields . email . plugin-contact-form-7 . filters . functions . multisite . user-roles . authentication . Sanitize get_query_var() url parameters. I. Falls es dir darum geht den URL-Parameter customername auszulesen, dies wird in PHP mit $_GET gemacht. Aber in Wordpress gibts da wohl wieder was eigenes dafür. Kommentar. Abschicken Abbrechen. elcompe. Dabei seit: 19.05.2021; Beiträge: 3 #5. 19.05.2021, 21:46. Ich meine per E-Mail senden. Im Grunde will nicht nur die Variable aus dem Link übernehmen. Ein simples PHP-Problem, das meinen. Sanitizes all parameters in $_GET and $_POST and in the frontend and backend. Every possible parameter can be configured separately. The configuration can be for a specific position in the parameter array or common for every possible position or even default for all parameters, which are not configured

Good Practices: how to sanitize, validate and escape in

We looked at 5 very common mistakes many PHP developers do. Some of them happen because lack of knowledge (new frameworks are available all the time, make sure you know about them). Some happen because lack of experience (read, read and read more to make sure you use the safest and best APIs out there). Good luck in your next project Make any Wordpress shortcode asynchronous - Eliminate render-blocking shortcodes, improve user experience and Google PageSpeed Insights. - FanaticPythoner. This is Pico's official HTTP parameters plugin to access GET and POST parameters in Twig templates. - PhrozenByte/pico-http-param

PHP: Sanitize filters - Manua

parameters property sinks. the sink is vulnerable if: no parameters are specified and at least one argument is tainted. parameters are specified and all the arguments must be tainted. The parameter object could take a conditions parameter with these values PHP even has a (now deprecated) feature, called magic-quotes, that builds on this idea. It's nonsense. Forget about filtering (Or cleaning, or whatever people call it). What you should do, to avoid problems, is quite simple: whenever you embed a string within foreign code, you must escape it, according to the rules of that language. For example, if you embed a string in some SQL targeting.

Sanitize URL to prevent XSS URL cross scripting vulnerabilites - php . tazzy47. Msg#:3667072 . 8:31 pm on Jun 4, 2008 (gmt 0) New User. joined:June 4, 2008 posts: 3 votes: 0 . Hi -- I'm a newbie, and need some help. Hope this is where I need to post this... I 'fell' into this job about 6 months ago, and have been able to take care of most issues to this point. Received notice from Hacker Safe. But then I realized that you can simulate GET parameters by manipulating the URI using the built-in URI Class. It's fantastic and it makes your URLs look better. Or if you really need GETs working you can put this into your controller: parse_str($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], $_GET); Which will put the variables back into the GET array PHP is a great programming language, but it is not a framework like many of the newer languages and as such its basic functions are not as secure as required in a modern web application.Trusting PHP's $_POST is risky but we have functions that can help make PHP's $_POST data more secure. This is done by using a few of PHPs functions to get and filter the variable data and provide it.

PHP Security 2: Directory Traversal & Code Injection. In the first part of this guide, we focused on the most common and most dangerous (according to OWASP.org) security issues in PHP code: SQL Injection vulnerabilities. We explained, how important input validation is, how bad it is to include untrusted data (user input) directly in an SQL. $_GETbukan fungsi atau konstruksi bahasa — itu hanya variabel (array).Mencoba: <? php echo $_GET ['link']; Secara khusus, ini adalah superglobal: variabel bawaan yang diisi oleh PHP dan tersedia di semua lingkup (Anda dapat menggunakannya dari dalam suatu fungsi tanpa kata kunci global).. Karena variabel mungkin tidak ada, Anda dapat (dan harus) memastikan kode Anda tidak memicu. Once you've got PHP installed go ahead and follow these So if you have a .ps1 script that accepts arguments, you can call them like this: 1. powershell. exe-executionpolicy bypass-NoProfile-File .\MyPSscript.ps1 MyArgument1 MyArgument2 Sanitize all user input before passing them to Powershell. This is super important. The scripts above are safe because you're executing some.

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Create list of files and their download links in a Google Drive™ folder - yasirkula/DownloadLinkGeneratorForGoogleDriv This is a sample script when you push data from iSeismometer app to your own server. See all $_GET[] to find out parameters if you translate it into other platforms. If you create another translator, let me know! Thank you - iseismometer.php Bound parameters minimize bandwidth to the server as you need send only the parameters each time, and not the whole query; Prepared statements are very useful against SQL injections, because parameter values, which are transmitted later using a different protocol, need not be correctly escaped. If the original statement template is not derived. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets [英] Sanitize $_GET parameters to avoid XSS and other attacks. 本文翻译自 Federico klez Culloca 查看原文 2009-10-19 32517 sanitization/ php I have a website in php that does include() to embed the content into a template. The page to load is given in a get parameter, I add .php to the end of the parameter and include that page. I need to do some security check to avoid XSS or other.

PHP / $_GET, $_POST - 양식(form)으로 전송된 데이터 받기 GET과 POST HTML의 form을 이용하여 값을 전송하는 방식은 get과 post 두 가지가 있습니다 Is it possible that the logic behind the registration form somehow prevents detection of the query parameters? I wrote my first line of php about a week ago, so I hope this isn't a stupid question . Thanks! Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total) Plugin Author Chad Butler (@cbutlerjr) 1 year, 10 months ago. You actually can't use get_query_var() that way, which is at least part. PHP's $_REQUEST superglobal variable can carry information from both $_GET and $_POST methods, in addition to any cookies transmitted in $_COOKIE. However, its use is not always recommended: the best practice is that developers know the methods used for inputs and outputs traveling on their server, in order to avoid more generic commands

This will sanitize your $_GET and $_POST arrays. Seen here: PHP -Sanitize values of a array. Answered By: SirG. Answer #2: Depends what its being used for. If you are inserting it into the database then mysql_real_escape_string() for quoted strings and type casting for numbers would be the way to go - well ideally prepared statements, but thats an entirely different matter. If you plan on. Do not access Superglobals in PHP 5. Am 27. Oktober 2013 in PHP ID: 5742. Die serverseitig interpretierte Skriptsprache PHP ist laut dem Tiobe Index auf Platz 5 der beliebtesten Programmiersprachen weltweit (Stand: Oktober 2013). Die einfache Syntax von PHP halten die Sprache seit 18 Jahren auf Erfolgskurs. Die Popularität und der rege Einsatz.

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Gets the links associated with category by ID PHP Get: Retrieving Data in PHP Using the GET Associative Array 'Get' data appears in your PHP script in an associative array called $ GET . The following script shows how you can retrieve particular parameters using $ GET; we also iterate through the $_GET array and show all parameter values Get code examples like how to pass parameters in get request fetch in php instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension URL parameters can be used to send multiple values at once. The ampersand character & is used as a separator between name and value pairs. In the example above, id has a value of 2 and title has the value good. $_GET can contain multiple values because it is an array and not just a simple variable. Template. PHP. PHP

Parameterized queries solve SQL Injection vulnerabilities. This example uses PDO to fix the vulnerability but you can still use mysqli functions to prevent SQL Injection. However, PDO is easier to use, more portable, and supports the use of named parameters (in this example, we used :id as a named parameter) Dann hab ich auch noch zur aktuellen URL (die an der Stelle bereits keinen, einen oder mehr Parameter enthalten konnte) noch benötigt das ich meinen Parameter auch noch dranhänge, also hab ich für mich mal was zusammengestellt was soweit für mich funktionierte. Wollte das hier mal herzeigen ob das im Sinne der nackten prozedualen Geschichte soweit ok ist, oder nochwas fehlt PHP get parameter from URL. PHP: $_GET, An associative array of variables passed to the current script via the URL parameters (aka. query string). Note that the array is not only populated for GET <?php echo filter_input(INPUT_GET, 'link', FILTER_SANITIZE_URL); Last but not least, you can use the null coalescing operator (available since PHP/7.0) to handle missing parameters: echo $_GET['link. Die Daten aus einem Web-Formular werden vom PHP-Interpreter verarbeitet, die Codierung aufgelöst und die Daten dann in mehreren superglobalen12 Arrays zur Verfügung gestellt: $_GET Dieses Array enthält die Parameter einer GET-Anfrage. $_POST Dieses Array enthält die Parameter einer POST-Anfrage. $_REQUES PHP $_GET The $_GET variable is a superglobal Array that contains data from a form sent with method=get or from URL. values

what is a good method to sanitize the whole $_POST array

Brauche Hilfe bei Ausgabe von variablen. Jetzt anmelden. Es dauert nur 2 Minuten und ist kostenlos! Ich möchte mehrere div Tabellen die einer weiteren untergeordnet sind mit verschieden variablen Inhalten füllen. Mann kann sich das Vorstellen wie eine Zeile, die sich immer wiederholt und durch die variablen verschiedene Inhalte bei dieser. The OAuth 2.0 protocol allows a client site (our PHP script) to access the private data of a provider site (Google) without having the user needing to provide his/her password to the client site (our PHP script). Concretely, each web application using a Google service must pass as parameter its own access token for all requests to Google. I want to populate the hidden field from a query string parameter and save it when the form submits. Fri, 29 Mar 2019 12:28:16 . More Forminator Pro discussions. Forminator Pro. Skip To Replies; All: View all topics; General WordPress: All Things General WordPress; Plugins & Themes: Plugin and Theme Support; Multisite: All things WordPress Multisite; Features & Feedback: What can we develop.

In the example above, / is the delimiter, w3schools is the pattern that is being searched for, and i is a modifier that makes the search case-insensitive. The delimiter can be any character that is not a letter, number, backslash or space. The most common delimiter is the forward slash (/), but when your pattern contains forward slashes it is convenient to choose other delimiters such as # or ~ Using Reflection in Calling Method from URL parameters in MVC PHP February 5, 2021 controller , model , model-view-controller , php , reflection Currently I am working on a simple MVC framework of mine This small piece of code does the trick (you may decide if you want to use $_GET or $_POST or, like I needed it, both. After changing your script, you can call it from the command line passing your arguments: php yourscript.php 'arg1=x&arg2=y PHP Fuzzing In Action 20 Ways to Fuzzing PHP Source Code Version 1.0 - Feb 2009 www.Abysssec.com Section 1: 20 way to rapid auditing PHP source code Section 2: Automatic PHP Auditor source code ( PHP Fuzzer ) Risk Level: Ł Low Ł Medium Ł High Notice: This article is only for who attend php as well and really knowing how to program In PHP PHP Sanitize Filter - II Previous Next . Screensho

Accept GET and POST parameters in PHP - use htmlspecialchar

  1. psaikali Run away if ACF is not available. * Output our [acf_multiforms_example] shortcode and process the ACF front-end form. * Our form ID, used internally to identify this specific ACF front-end form. * The post type this form should create. * List of ACF fields groups we want to display as steps
  2. P.S. Like /tmp file vulns XSS vulns are really easy to fix especially in languages like PHP. When you find an XSS in an app please audit the source code for more since chances are you'll find them (and they'll get fixed faster)
  3. 11 vor 3 Jahren; Next security fix - include mapbender get parameter class in typo3 script. Dateigröße: 6.6 K
  4. A GET string will work just like in any other PHP application but you cannot use a query parameter that WordPress uses. That is the problem here. WordPress already uses That is the problem here. WordPress already uses s
  5. Nein, es ist nicht. Zitat aus dem Handbuch: Using this function without the result parameter is highly DISCOURAGED and DEPRECATED as of PHP 7.2. So verwenden, ohne die Ergebnis-parameter (der zweite parameter) ist veraltet. Dies ist ein optionaler parameter, aber wird zur Pflicht in zukünftigen Versionen
  6. I imagine line 17 of front-page.php contains a reference to $_GET['orderby'], which would be undefined for normal front page requests that do not include the orderby=title or similar URL parameter, such as for the initial request before an option is selected. You need more robust code to protect against this while still allowing the form to default to the selected value

How do you handle sanitizing $_GET and $_POST? : PH

Letzte Änderung dieser Datei seit 187 war 187, erstellt von armin11 vor 3 Jahren; Fix für ZOOM Parameter Handling - array to string. Dateigröße: 5.4 K View diff against: Dargestellte Revision: Letzte Änderung dieser Datei war 227, erstellt von armin11, vor 2 Jahren; some security fixes. Dateigröße: 5.7 K PHP SimpleSAML_Utilities::checkURLAllowed - 23 examples found. These are the top rated real world PHP examples of SimpleSAML_Utilities::checkURLAllowed from package simplesamlphp extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples php clear ob; how to add two array in single array without repetation in php; php in array; php contruct parent; php for loop; phhp for loop; for loop php continue to next item; php loop through array; get key of last element php; php key exists; php sort multidimensional array; php decode json file; php remove duplicates from array; php for. unconditionally) filter and/or sanitize user input in the ``$_GET``, ``$_POST`` and ``$_COOKIE`` superglobals. This was a legacy feature from older times, when things lik

PHP: How to retrieve URL parameters

The latest version at the time of writing ( has been found to be affected by two authenticated (admin, editor or author user) Blind SQL Injection vulnerabilities. The plugin has more than one million downloads according to WordPress. Technical Description: The authenticated Blind SQL Injection vulnerability can be found within the. ZenPhoto - Multiple Vulnerabilities. CVE-87033CVE-87032CVE-87031CVE-87030CVE-87029CVE-87028CVE-87027CVE-87026CVE-87025CVE-87024CVE-87023CVE-87022CVE-87021CVE-87020CVE-87019CVE-87018CVE-87017CVE-87016CVE-87015 . webapps exploit for PHP platfor The following code should be placed inside your page template where you want Ajax Load More to display. Note: When using Ajax Load More on search.php templates, $_GET ['term'] should be $_GET ['s']. The following shortcode was used to create the Search Results example. Variables are being passed into this Ajax Load More shortcode and.

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  1. PHP: $_GET - Manua
  2. PHP $_GET - W3School
  3. Was bedeutet sanitizen konkret? - php
  4. xss - Which is the best way to sanitize user input in PHP
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